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Holistic Services

At Madison Holistic, we offer a range of modalities, techniques and styles. Below we have provided a detailed description of the services offered. No matter what you choose, be prepared to have a total mind-body-spirit experience that combines feel good euphoria and therapeutic healing in one session.

  • Four-Handed Massage
Four-Handed Massage

Two’s company but three is NOT a crowd in this highly sensual session. Take our standard Bodywork Session and multiply x2 as you will be joined by two of our experienced professionals to have your entire body worked on by four magical hands. We don’t miss an inch in this session (four hands can do a lot more than two!) so you are sure to leave feeling completely revitalized and satisfied all over! Something strange happens in the mind when being worked on by 4 caring passionate hands. It struggles for a moment to figure out what is happening and then it realizes it can’t. Next you find your self surrendering to the bliss of not know exactly what is going to come next, only that it will feel wonderful. Please call to book a four handed session one full day in advance so we can be sure to have four hands available to sooth and relax you!

PRACTITIONER PAIRS: All of our NYC practitioners are happy to pair up upon availability. Advanced Booking is generally required. We can also call on friends we have worked with in the past in New Orleans to create a dynamic session wtih Audrey.