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Holistic Services

At Madison Holistic, we offer a range of modalities, techniques and styles. Below we have provided a detailed description of the services offered. No matter what you choose, be prepared to have a total mind-body-spirit experience that combines feel good euphoria and therapeutic healing in one session.

  • Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

The easiest way to understand meditation is to think of how you are when sitting quietly in contemplation, repose, or restfulness. It’s that perfect moment when you don’t have 20 different thoughts racing through your head at one time: no to-do lists, no replays of conversations, no jumps to the next minute of your day. It’s that rare moment when you look at a leaf on a tree and see only the leaf, and nothing else. You are in the present.

Now imagine 10-to-20 minutes of that one perfect moment.
That’s the basis of meditation.

Guided meditation expands on that foundation to help individuals magnify their capabilities. Sometimes coming in after work or in the middle of the day can have you carry a bundle of thoughts with you to the healing session. Starting with a guided mediation can allow you to begin to let go and get connected to your entire body which sets the tone for a calm and relaxing session. Helping you leave all of what you do not need to the side and give your self to a true vacation from all life’s stress, even if just for an hour. An intense and deliberate focus on breath is of utmost importance, for breathing is the gateway to softening the body and opening the mind. Using imagery, awareness and your ability to acknowledge and become mindful of certain places in your body are just some ways that guided mediation can be incorporated into a session.