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Holistic Services

At Madison Holistic, we offer a range of modalities, techniques and styles. Below we have provided a detailed description of the services offered. No matter what you choose, be prepared to have a total mind-body-spirit experience that combines feel good euphoria and therapeutic healing in one session.

  • Polarity

Polarity therapy is a synthesis of ancient Eastern and alternative medicine health care ideas centered on the concept of a Human Energy Field. When working with a polarity perspective, all of the channels of energy in the body is addressed. The emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual energy channels are opened. Practitioners of Polarity Therapy seek to balance and restore the natural current of energy which flows from the universe and into the body through the meridians, chakras and endocrine glands. A primary focus is on re-establishing balance in the central nervous system. This deep nervous system balancing and unblocking allows a release of stress and permits the body to relax and heal itself naturally. The result is increased energy and vitality.