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Holistic Services

At Madison Holistic, we offer a range of modalities, techniques and styles. Below we have provided a detailed description of the services offered. No matter what you choose, be prepared to have a total mind-body-spirit experience that combines feel good euphoria and therapeutic healing in one session.

  • Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage creates an energetic dance between giver and receiver through its sophisticated system of deep rhythmic acupressure to muscles and sen (energy) lines during assisted stretches and yoga postures. Its integrated approach stimulates the body’s natural healing by unleashing the flow of blocked energy, resulting in an energized calm to the recipient. By using all parts of the body as a tool, the therapist is able to mindfully stretch muscles further than one can accomplish on their own. In this process, joints are also mobilized further than if operating under the body’s own power. With Thai massage, one is able to move more deeply into their body, experiencing a deep sense of relaxation and allowing the body to restore balance for optimal health and well being. Check out an online demonstration video on YouTube to understand more.