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Holistic Services

At Madison Holistic, we offer a range of modalities, techniques and styles. Below we have provided a detailed description of the services offered. No matter what you choose, be prepared to have a total mind-body-spirit experience that combines feel good euphoria and therapeutic healing in one session.

  • Woman’s Session
Woman’s Session

Ladies….When was the last time you took a break from your hectic life and partook of something truly indulgent? Call and book a session for your self today and take advantage of this great offer.** A call to NYC’s and New Orleans’s bold and playful women. Awaken and indulge the Goddess with Esalen style sensual healing session! At Madison Holistic we respect and hold feminine energy and mystique in the highest regard. We know where and how to touch the female body to achieve exhilarating and soothing relaxation and we believe that all women deserve this level of deeply sensual care and attention. Ladies, we invite you to experience a deliciously sensual, truly healing bodywork session, designed to provide you with the deep relaxation and full body bliss that you deserve. Achieve your highest state while reaching a deep inner calm. Know that you are in caring gentle hands and that verbal communication and a safe environment is at the top of the list. Your practitioner will speak with you in detail about what you feel comfortable with and answer any questions you may have. Join us in our movement to unleash the goddess within and give yourself the gift of sheer bliss at Madison Holistic.

Also note that our highly educated and experienced practitioner in New Orleans, Audrey, works with Couples, teaching both partners how to weave sensual massage into their personal lives by doing a fun and playful 101 course… just an idea of you are looking to spices things up or surprise your partner with sexy date.