Please call +1 917-748-9277 for an appointment.


DESK HOURS: Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm EST | Saturday: 10am -6pm EST | Sunday: Closed



We ask you take the time to read over the site and gain a clear understanding of what we offer and decide what inspires you and then give us a call. Once we have you on the phone we like to ask a few questions in order to discern if indeed Madison is the right place for you. We would love to know your level of experience in the holistic healing arts (Newbies and experienced folk alike all are welcomed!) since this is important information which helps your practitioner provide you with an optimal experience.

We do not book appointments via email • We do take last minute Incall appointments • We encourage advanced reservations for lunch time and after-work time slots.

Please feel free to call us at +1 (917) 748-9277 with any questions, requests or to book an appointment -or- you can email your questions if you’d like.

Recommendations for an Ideal Session

We ask that you arrive at your appointment as promptly as possible and that you are clean and showered. It is best if you do not eat or consume any alcohol 2 hours before a session. One of our top goals at Madison is to provide you with a comfortable experience. To do so it is very important for your practitioner to feel comfortable working with you.

We request that you leave all expectation at the door and let yourself become open to all the possibilities of healing and deep relaxation. Your session is a place where you receive and have your body and soul nurtured. All you need to do is lay back, breath and allow the busy pace of urban life to melt away.

Feeling Thankful for your practitioners efforts, skills and talents ?

A gratuity is a perfect way to show your appreciation.